Signs to know if you are a true fan

1) You know her real name, date and place of birth.

2) You have seen all of her movies, or most of them several times. And you are

not tired of seeing her movies again and again.

3) You could go to the street and buy her latest magazine, despite you have

no money with you.

4) You know that she is often called “the gloved lady”, and that she is also famous for wearing hats and big belts.

5) You saved most of her pictures on a CD, DVD or data traveler.

6) You are aware that she is not related to the actor Michael Keaton.

7) You hate people when they talk bad about her, or say things which are not true.

8) You made a video clip about her on Youtube, or you constantly search the net looking for information about her. You just visited Diane Keaton International site.

9) You think that she is very good at everything she does: actress, director, singer and photographer.

10) You think that she is a very elegant/beautiful lady, and that wearing her hair blonde really suits her.

11) You are following her on Twitter, Facebook or Whosay.

12) You have just seen "Morning Glory"; her latest movie, or you are planning to do it.

13) You have read her book Then Again.

14) You have seen all the videos and pictures from Diane advertising Chico's clothes.

15) You have joined Diane on Whosay, Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest.

16) You think that she looks very pretty in the photos of Chico's.

17) You are planning to order/ buy her new book Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

18) You are planning to watch And so it goes.