Quiz about Diane...

1) Diane was born in:                                                                


A) Los Angeles,CA in 1945

B) Los Angeles,CA in 1946

C) Los Angeles, CA in 1948

2) Her nickname is:

A) Di

B) Maggie

C) Annie

3) Diane is famous for:

A) Being left-handed, wearing hats,gloves and glasses

B) Being right-handed, wearing  hats

C) Being left-handed

4) Diane has:

A) blue eyes

B) brown eyes

C) grey eyes

5) Diane's latest movie is called:

A) Morning Glory

B) Darling Companion

C) The Big Wedding 

6) In Morning Glory, her character is called:

A) Colleen Peck

B) Fran Varecchio

C) Bridget Cardigan

7) Diane's kids are called:

A) Dexter and Duke

B) Sophie and Tom

C) Olivia and Peter

8) Diane's first appearance was on Broadway, in a play called:

A) Funny Girl

B) Hair

C) Hello,Dolly!

9) Diane's formation as an actress took place in:

A)  Playhouse School of the Theater

B) Actor's Studio

C) Metropolitan Opera House

10) Diane's first award nomination was for:

A) Play it again Sam

B) Sleeper

C) Annie Hall  

 Scoring system:

10-8 correct answers: Congratulations! You are a devoted and real fan. You could even write

a biography about her life.  And,probably you suffer from Obsessive Diane Keaton Disorder(*).

 7-5 correct answers: Good! You have some knowledge on Diane's career and life. 

4-0 answers: Do you know who is Diane Keaton? Do some research on the Internet.